We help market leaders and disruptive startups optimize their innovation strategies and attain high product-market fit. We help startups that:

  • Are seeking investment and want to maximize their valuation
  • Are creating a disruptive product and want to accelerate their path to high product-market fit
  • Are evaluating a pivot to attain higher PMF and/or a larger addressable market
  • Are moving into the growth phase and are building an innovation strategy to maintain leadership

But innovation is not just for startups. Established market leaders must innovate constantly to hold and grow market share and to expand into new markets. We help market leaders that:

  • Are facing disruption and wish to create a defense/attack strategy
  • Are engaged in mid- or long-term product planning and wish to assess the potential sources and types of competition
  • Are building a culture of innovation and need strategic tools that promote effective strategy and shared understanding
  • Are developing innovation strategies designed to increase market share or reach new markets
  • Are evaluating potential acquisition targets and need to assess the innovation / product-market fit impact

We love helping great companies become greater. Here are a few we’ve worked with:

Twyxt Homplex Flitto Travelog
SEO Engine Call Dibs WiifMe GovBrain