Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Red Pill or Blue Pill?

I first suspected that we were onto something with the ideas of Q-PMF and Delta-V when I noticed that I was seeing the world differently.  Then as I noticed the same thing happen with the executives and entrepreneurs we work with, I was sure of it.  Something about these ideas made us change the way we thought about things.  We were all asking the same questions, but we were coming up with better, more useful, and more insightful answers.

To say that it was like Neo taking the red pill might be overstating the case, but it really did feel like the fog was lifting and the true dynamics of innovation and disruption were revealed.  Here are a few questions that suddenly had clearer, better answers for me:

  • What should Toyota think about Tesla?
  • Why are celebrity endorsements so amazingly powerful?
  • What’s going to happen with Bitcoin?
  • Will the US Dollar continue to be the world’s reserve currency?
  • Why do inferior products sometimes manage to hold major market share?

When you ask these questions from a Product-Market Fit perspective, you get a new point of view.

In the Disruption Decoded blog, we are going to explore questions like these and see what kind of light we can throw on them.  Do you have a question or idea for us?  Let us know.

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