Top Secret Formula

The worst-kept secret in business. But so few know how to unlock its power.

The pages in this section contain brief discussions of some of the ideas, strategies, and tools that we have found to be most effective in our work with startups and market leaders.  These are the concepts that we plan to include in our upcoming book on Quantitative Product-Market Fit (current working title: “The Innovator’s Secret Forumula”).

Think of these pages as a Beta version of the book.  We hope you will take it for a test drive, that you’ll find the ideas useful and interesting, and that you’ll let us know what you think so we can make it better.

There are four sections:

1. Welcome to the Age of Hyper-Innovation

We open with a brief summary of the top 10 implications of life in the Age of Hyper-Innovation. This describes why good innovation strategy is so crucially important.

2. The Three Laws of Disruption

We then present the three fundamental laws that govern disruptive innovation.

3. Q-PMF and the Innovator’s Secret Formula

Here we outline of what Product-Market Fit is, how it can be quantified, and how it drives product success.

4. The Innovator’s Toolkit

Finally the good stuff! In this section we describe how business people can use the tools of Quantitative Product-Market Fit to create superior innovation strategies.  We explain why there are only three ways that product-market fit can change, and only five methods that companies can use to create it.  We also examine how product-market fit drives the mechanics of table-stakes, over-fit, and customer lock-in.

Ready to get started?

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